Do I have to be nude for my massage?

Non Nude Massage

“Do I have to be nude for my massage?”

If you’ve come from a Google search, don’t be worried, a lot of people Googled the same question. The answer is “No”, by the way. You’re at least expected to wear your underwear.

But, we also don’t expect you to wear much more than that. Massages are for your body to be manipulated by the masseur, and clothes make that a bit harder.

However, that’s for a massage. Our services aren’t just massages.

You don’t have to be naked for a facial.

We offer facials as well, and if you’re doing that, you could possibly come in right off the street, and not need to change. Because all that would be touched, is your face. However, it would be more comfortable for you, if you actually did change for whatever procedure you were doing, since street clothes aren’t likely going to be the most comfortable thing you could be wearing. Or not wearing, as the case may be.

But, being near-nude for your massage would be easier.

That’s because they would be trying to aim for pressure points and other specific points on your body, to massage specific points, and clothing makes it harder to see and target the places they need to target.

That means that you get less massage for your moolah, and we don’t think you want that. But, maybe you’re nervous. That’s okay.

You should do what makes you feel comfortable.

But, any clothing you wear should be clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty, because they might be stained if there are any oils and lotions to be applied, and if there is any sweating you may do. So, pick something light, comfortable, and easily washed.

We do offer the choice of a male or female masseur, so don’t worry about that.

We also offer towels, if you want to cover more of yourself. You usually don’t have to ask, since they’re usually included, since they let you rest your body on a very comfortable surface, which is very important in helping you relax.

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