Find out the benefits of Thai Massage for foot pain.

foot pain massage benefits

Many diseases from within the body or the foot itself can cause foot pain, as it’s a complex anatomical structure. Other issues can also affect it, like improper footwear or foot injuries, which can all cause foot pain. There are lots of benefits from Thai massage for foot pain, specialized for whatever the specific cause is.

Here are some examples!

Overuse and Fatigue

If the cause of the foot pain is overuse and fatigue, like after a long hike or from standing all day, the core issue is usually fatigued and overworked muscles. Thai massage can help you deal with the problem by increasing the circulation to bring nutrient-rich blood into the area, relieving fatigue, and helping the muscles recover.


But, a sudden onset of foot pain may be the result of an injury or a wound. If so, Thai massage can increase circulation and avoid scarring from the injury, while also helping it heal faster, lowering the level of pain and also helping reduce any swelling.

Lymph Drainage From the Foot

Lastly, a rarer cause would be a need for the lymph in the foot to need draining. There’s a band of connective tissue around the ankle in that area that can occasionally block lymph flow. Thai massage can release some of the pressure caused by that band of connective tissue, allowing lymph in the foot to move up, out of the foot, draining away and taking the pain with it, when lymph flow is being .

If you have foot pain and want to get the benefits of Thai massage, please let us help you!