Headache? Migraine? Find out how Thai massage can help.

man giving a massage to his head for a headache.

Do you have a migraine or headache? These are a result of specific, occasional, changes within the brain that cause pain, along with a sensitivity to light, sounds, and / or smells. If you want to ease your headache or migraine, getting a Thai massage is one of the best treatments.

But you may wonder how Thai massage helps ease migraines and headaches. We’ll tell you how.

Natural Relief For Migraine Headaches

A study has shown that massage reduced the frequency of migraines. And it also improved sleep for participants who suffered from chronic migraines. Results of another study showed that following a neck massage and spinal manipulation, participants showed a reduction in pain even in the midst of an active migraine.

Prevent Tension Headaches and reduce their Frequency

Massage can be also good news for people suffering from chronic tension headaches. Studies have also shown that massage may not just prevent tension headaches but also reduce their frequency. Because massage therapy techniques work to increase fresh blood flow to areas that need it, it may reduce pain in those areas that are throbbing due to chronic contraction. Even just 30 minutes of massage provided participants significant physical and psychological improvements, including their perception of pain.

When a migraine hits, all you want to do is to get rid of it. Book an appointment today!

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