Shoulder Pain? Find out how Thai Massage can help.

massage for shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is the most common shoulder problem, and it can have many causes.  For example, there’s tendon inflammation (bursitis or tendinitis) and tendon tears. There’s also instability, arthritis and fractures / broken bones. Thai Massage can help with all these conditions that cause shoulder pain.

But how does Thai massage help with your shoulder pain? We’re going to tell you!


The shoulder pain may be making it difficult to move your arm. If it is, a shoulder massage is always a good way to make it better, no matter what caused the stiffness or soreness. That’s because it increases the supply of fresh blood to your shoulder muscles, giving them oxygen and nutrients to so your body can heal whatever is making your shoulders hurt.


The most likely causes of shoulder pain are weak muscles, bad posture and occasional bouts of intense activity. People tend to not recognize their lack of mobility until a weekend of unusual exertion leaves them with sore shoulders. While shoulder massage techniques can provide relief after the fact, more massage therapy can stop more problems from happening after the next weekend challenge.

If your shoulder has any pain and you want us relieve it, please book an appointment.

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