Want a Thai Herbal Compress in North York, here?

Thai Herbal Compress in North York

I don’t even live in North York, and what’s a Thai Herbal Compress?

Well, I’ll answer that in reverse, since you can travel to North York, but you need to know what a Thai Herbal Compress is.

Our Thai Herbal Compress is a variation on the normal warm compress. Warm compresses are packages of warm material, for appl to the skin. They’re applied to help improve blood and lymph circulation and stimulate the internal organs.

A Thai Herbal Compress more than just a warm compress, because of the Thai herbs inside the compress. That’s how the Thai Herbal Compress gets its name.

The herbs inside the compress are selected for their aromatic scent, and anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant properties.

Thai Herbal Compresses help a number of conditions. Conditions like stiff and sore muscles and ligaments, arthritis, migraines, bronchitis and colds. It also helps general stress and anxiety, while boosting your general mental and physical well-being.

The compress is best applied directly to the skin, even though it can be applied through clothing. If it’s applied through clothing, the herbs are likely to stain the clothes.

So, why come to Lady Amaze Health Plus, again?

Well, we’re the cheaper alternative, where others mix other treatments into their Thai Herbal Compress treatments, when you buy a Thai Herbal Compress here, you get just the Thai Herbal Compress.

We’re also usually the local option, right? If you live near us, in North York, and want a Thai Herbal Compress, it’s easier to get it here than go further out for basically the same thing.

We’re also the more customizable alternative. We allow bookings from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, with 15 minute increases between each level. So, if you want a 45 minute session, but not one that goes for a full hour, you can.

We’re not just flexible in how long an appointment can be, we also offer evening and weekend appointments for a busy schedule.

So, come down to us in North York for your Thai Herbal Compress, and book an appointment!